Specialty Camera Experts 


RC Flying Cameras combines state-of-the-art technology with the highest level of expertise to provide clients with stabilized hand held, cinematic aerial and virtual reality image solutions. 

FAA Exempt for commercial use with comprehensive insurance coverage

Variety of camera platforms available

Heavy Lift/Quad Drone Handheld Movi RC Rover


RC Flying Cameras Featured Work

Martin Hoffman from RC Flying Cameras was hired to provide the Movi handheld shots for Lindsey Stirling’s incredible music video “Stampede”

RC Flying Cameras provided aerial, Movi and Tero shots for this Emmy Nominated HBO Hard Knocks Teaser

All handheld, aerial and timelapse footage was provided by RC Flying Cameras for HBO’s “2 Days” 


RC Flying Cameras and Xizmo media partnered up to capture some high action breath taking drift car aerial amazement!

This Emmy Nominated HBO teaser was shot and developed in conjunction with RC Flying Cameras.

RC Flying Cameras was hired by National Geographic’s to capture the aerial footage of this incredible docu-series episode